60×60 aluminum extrusion profile european standard , industrial aluminum profile workbench etc…

$0.05 /1mm

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60X60 aluminium extruded profile frame work is another step up in size and rigidity.

Able to be used modularly with our 30 Series framework,

this type of profile supports the 30 Series profile by allowing better weight distribution

Our T6106 Aluminium T-slot profiles are provided with longitudinal grooves which can be used in conjuction with connecting elements and can also perform a whole range of additional functions.

All profiles have been designed to delivery maximum strength for the material used.

Natural anodised finish is resistant to scratching and corrosion.

Uniform modular dimensions mean that the connecting elements and accessories are fully interchangeable.

Unit price /1mm

Over 1.7m length Please contact us for accurate shipping cost


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